HARMONY WORKS began as a corporate training and facilitation consultancy in 2003 and developed a practice over time in providing facilitation training to corporate organizations and government bodies, and diversity and inclusion encounters to corporates, student groups and communities.

Our key resource persons, Doctor Hamidah Marican and Patricia Nunis have deep experiences with community building, participatory work with groups and civil society as well as business entities.

Our Focus Areas

Corporate involvement in Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership and Change Initiatives have been the core of programmes and interventions. Projects and training interventions in various organizations are provided in our client listing. We also provide customized training and non-training interventions. Professional process facilitation services for Annual Meetings, Evaluation & Planning Sessions and climate assessments for organizations are also within our field of expertise.

In 2018, we launched a community project called Building Bridges, Connecting Communities that focused on bringing together people of diverse ethnicities and interest groups in Malaysia – to a moment of encounter to share values and insights on Malaysian life.  The intent was to develop from the grassroots up, a sense of shared Malaysian identity based on the universal principles of justice, peace and concern for the other.

In 2020, we developed and introduced the reality game Harmony Hub Malaysia which provides real life scenarios of projects and life goals played against a matrix of social cohesion and perceived economic equity.  This game provides players with opportunities to make significant decisions that could impact their long-term wins and contributions to a vibrant and dynamic socio-economic environment which is a desired state for the end game.

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